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#49 Natural Antibiotic

#49 Natural Antibiotic

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CHF #49 Antibiotc is a combination of propolis, olive leaf extract, astragalus root, grapefruit seed extract, and echinacea along with other vitamins, minerals, and herbs. This formula may help fatigue, lung disorders, immune system, lymphatic system, glandular swelling, infections, blood vessels, and blood pressure. This product may especially help cold and/or flu symptoms.

Propolis - May aid in the treatment of arteriosclerosis, asthma, arthritis, circulatory problems, colds, flu, digestive problems, heart disorders, insomnia, liver disease, sinusitis, ulcers, and yeast infection.

Echinacea - May help to increase the immune system by stimulating white blood cells, which attack viruses and bacteria's. May be very effective in treating respiratory ailments such as colds.

Astragalus - May help in treating colds, sore throats, immune functions, infection, hepa- titis, and systemic lupus.

An article that was published in Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics in 2004, discusses a study done that involved Echinacea. The study had 130 subjects; 59 of them were given the Echinacea and 69 were a placebo. The subjects were instructed to take their designated pill for a week. The study showed that “a highly standardized formulation of Echinacea reduces the severity and duration of a naturally acquired common cold.”

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