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Microscopic Bio-Cell Screenings

Microscopic Bio-Ce;; Screening is using a high-powered microscope as a tool, to observe one's individual biochemistry and cellular biology health. Bio-Cell Technician's allow you the opportunity to view your own blood biologies, documents the cellular biology observed and reports that to you through print or email to share with your health care providers and create your own self-help routines. Holmes Health supports self-help through natural medicine as a way of changing cellular conditions observed. This self-help could consist of changes in lifestyle as well as specific macro and micro nutritional changes.

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Create a track record of your Microscopic Bio-Cell Screenings

These consultations take place one, two, or three months after your first Bio-Cell Screening. This allows us to adapt your specific needs and offers you a comparison of the time before, to track your health. Through time it can be very helpful to compare your reports from month/ to month for a certain period of time: Ex. 1 year, through a cleanse, while taking a new nutrient, through trauma, or as your body changes and refines towards better health.

Package of 4 Bio-Cell Screenings are available for $525