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Host Microscopic Bio-Cell Screenings in your Community

Holmes Health Microscopic Bio-Cell Screenings are currently offered in:

3 Southern California office locations: Joshua Tree, Temecula, and Costa Mesa. 

3 Bi-Annual Central & Northern California locations: San Luis Obispo, Cameron Park, and Berkeley.

When there has been enough interest it has proven to be easiest & most resource-efficient for Jenny to travel with her equipment and set up a temporary office to do multiple private Microscopic Blood Screenings & health consultations in a professional health facility near that group of people, as opposed to all those people traveling to Southern California. She's done this in numerous locations around the United States and Denmark, and although it takes a significant amount of upfront coordination for a host to help make this happen, it's a rewarding experience & exchange and many people have expressed gratitude for these arrangements. If you may be interested in helping to arrange for Jenny to be able to set up a short-term, 1-5 day office in your area, please email Jenny at