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Meet CBRI Bio-Cell Technicians

Meet CBRI synchronized Bio-Cell Techs

Bio-Cell Screening appointments made on this site may be offered by one of CBRI's three technicians. Theresa, Martin, or Jenny. A technician will be assigned to your appointment according to availability of the technician available for your appointment time requested. Appointments performed by CBRI Bio-Cell Technicians are designed to be identical and produce the same results, even though your technicians changes your appointment will not!

If you would like to request your prefered technician you may contact CBRI Admin to see if we can accommodate your preference.

CBRI Admin 888-886-4742 or 


CBRI Certified Bio-Cell Technician - Jenny Holmes
CBRI Certified Bio-Cell Technician -Theresa Sharp
CBRI Beta Bio-Cell Technician - Martin Mancha