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Mold Solutions


Non-Toxic Mold Solutions 


This is a mold removal solution that is non-toxic & bio-compatible with humans, pets, plants!

Do you have mold issues in your living space and /or body? Don't procrastinate seek help! 

We promote a healthy living environment to promote better results with existing healthcare plans.

Please refer us to any friends or family that may be plagued with mold sensitivities and/or moldy living conditions. 

Safe for people and pets of all ages.

We are here to help.

The solution applied in the living space is a non-toxic-bio-compatable-natural-enzymatic-mineral-product! Our remedy has been tested 100 times on harmful spores and killed the spores 100% of the times tested within 5 minutes! Our service stops the mold spores from growing and germinating. We are able to help your home purge dangerous spores that damage our health.

Non- toxic! Affordable!


To freshen your home or for preventative healthcare, you could apply our service to your living space  every two years.


healthy HOME healthy FAMILY

Living Space:

$1 per square foot